I play stuff from RHCP, Tom Morello, Some grunge/post-grunge, some indie (We are Scientists) and sometimes some A7X. Just wondering what is the best pedal to get these kinds of sounds. Also play some older stuff, Hendrix, the Who and such.

Oh and also should get a Vox or Dunlop Wah? What kind of Vox? What kind of Dunlop?
What kind of amp?

BTW Slash crybaby ftw
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A Crate GT65, bought it cause it was there, it's more of a metal amp and not exactly what I want, can't get very loud without blasting gain.
I think you should get a better amp first.
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I'm hearing a steady *thump thump* from the people above me and I need some porno grooves to play on my bass to give them some background music. Any ideas?

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Hmm, well you're probably better off saving for a new amp as those are just glorified practice amp. A good dist pedal isn't really going to help your amp.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Just so everyone knows, amps are not my future, I'm pretty young, so I can't get a job until AFTER this summer (goddamned child labor laws) and even then i'm looking at a ****load of work for a respectable amp, I want some kind of Vox or a traynor, But my 'rents will think I'm wasting my money, just talk about pedals.