I'm 14, live in Chester County area, been playing for about 3 years.
Influences include Megadeth, Racer X, Joe Satriani, Metallica, Motorhead, King Diamond, Iron Maiden, The Misfits, Diamond Head, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Jimi Hendrix, Annihilator, Tommy Bolin, The Who, Cream, Buckethead, Steve Vai, Aerosmith
Looking to form a metal band, preferably thrash/speed/progressive.

PM if interested.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Jay Turser Strat copy
Vox Valvetronix AD30VT-XL
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal
Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah
im 13 playing for 5 years, and most of those are my favorite artists. hahah only problem is i live in PA, but an hour away near philly