I just learned barre chords and was wondering if there were any exercises I can do to switch between them faster, besides just strumming them?
Just learn songs that have them in them. The intro to stairway to heaven is a good one.

Just make sure that when you play them EVERY string rings out. You want to learn it correctly
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i just do random chord progressions using barre chords, switching feom E to A string chords. Like above, though...just make sure all the strings ring. Sometimes do progressions where you switch back and forth from barre chords to open chords...
Slide it up 1 fret after 4 strums of each chord and then go back down the neck.

Don't worry abotu getting a good sound at first just manage keeping the shape.
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Underground is your joy your laws
the first song that helped me transition barre chords is jack johnson - rodeo clowns

it has a good progression
and it the chorus is like a simpler version of the intro/verse
listen to the one with g love (same thing as normal, just more guitar less drums)
and practice the rhythm
it gets u good with teh whole chucking thing too
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