Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum, but I see most music theory question are in here.

Well anyways three questions here

1) What is a good book that you would prefer to buy that will explain the music theory?

2) If I get a music theory book is it best if it meant for guitarists?

3) Please answer this one if any:

What is it called if a chord you play matches a solo/lead part (I think its harmonization but I dunno), and is that part of music theory?
2) doesn't matter, it would probably be more useful if it was aimed at guitarists but music theory is everything so it doesn't matter too much

3) not sure what the official term is, I guess harmonization works, but yes, that's a part of theory
hey dude, um i doing my certificate 3 in music at the moment and we have a book thats called "master your theory" and its published by emi so im pretty sure its a world wide book but it might only be Australian but if you look for it its just a big yellow book and its perfect for people who cant read music
hope that helped