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I can read basic sheet music.
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i a degree.

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I can, it's basically another language I'm fluent in.
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i can read any level of difficulty of music
but its only cuz i play trombone as well as guitar so right now im trying to learn for guitar
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I can sight read on my trumpet alright, but guitar it takes me some time to figure it out.
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1. Grab sticks.
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^how to play drums.

it went------------- piano------>Saxophone--------->guitar

so not at all lol
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i can sight read trumpet, tuba, and bass well but im slow with guitar cause im not familar with chords on standard notation
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I can, I can also read the the word "search"
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I can read notation, and can sight read to some extent on piano; but it takes me longer to sight read for guitar. I'm just too used to tabs...
I can read sheet music a bit. Ya, its hard to figure out what individual notes to play but with practice and memory its easier to learn and memorize chords. I still for the life of me cannot figure out for sure how to recognize individual notes properly.
i can
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i can. but only bass and tenor clef. i can only read chord charts for guitar. no treble for me...
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I can i played saxophone first and i'm kinda getting used to guitar sheet music.
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Can do, well at least on the piano, for guitar is a bit slow but i can get it.

Like much people already have said, i would rather use my ears for guitar.
umm...if i had actually used the self-teaching books im sure i could have learned but meh...TABS ALL THE WAY!!
i can read basic sheet music for guitar. But i am very advanced at reading sheet music for trombone (different clefs, makes it harder to transfer my sheet music knowledge from trombone to guitar)
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Pretty fluent in theory.

Not saying im beethoven, but Im just as capable of learning something from sheet music as I am of learning something by ear.

I dont know how many guitarists I've gone through because they cant read music.
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I can on an alto sax and I worked out some music on the school bass just by knowing what note each fret is....
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brot pls
I can. Although I haven't for awhile. Tabs with sheet is the way to go(powertabs, guitarpro).
And yes, learn theory newbs.
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I really isn't hard...But I prefer to use my ears...

Although for me, I read bass clef a lot better than I do treble clef, and I can't read alto or tenor clefs at all.
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I can. I learned viola before guitar.

Cheers to fellow Viola players!

I can
I've played Violin since 3rd grade, and switched to viola years later.

I'm a music major, I'm "fluent" in Treble, Bass, Alto and Tenor cleffs.

I can read other C cleffs, but not as quickly.

However, as a guitar major, I honestly do learn alot of music by ear as opposed to through music.

for everythign else (Violin, Viola, Piano etc) I usually prefer sheet music.
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i a degree.

Edit: I can sorta sing it alright and I can read Harmonica tab.
its really not hard at all... You could get books that you could learn from or google it, there might be some free stuff that you could learn from
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I can, but not as well as I used to be able to
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I can sight read, just not while I'm playing guitar.
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