So our first "practice" wasnt that great i guess. I wasnt expecting it to be awesome, but I guess we were just jamming and arguing. We started to try and make a song, but it was harder than i though, especially cause we have 3 guitarists. It also doesnt help that our drummer (frigging AMAZING!) like metal and hard rock, and some of us like Classic Rock and lighter stuff, but he says he will play whatever. So i guess what i am trying to say is, do you have any advice, and is it possible to have 3 guitarists?
Learn some Lynyrd Skynyrd...they use like 42 guitarists...
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Let's see.
My band has:
3 guitarists
1 drummer
1 bassit
1 keyboard

We're making good progress. Not even a year in the band and we have around 5 gigs and 2 songs written.
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Learn some Lynyrd Skynyrd...they use like 42 guitarists...

Yeah, thats what i'm saying! Their my favorite band and having all of those guitarists makes a melody of musical orgasm..........if that makes any sense
Who are you? J.T. Woodruff?
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This sounds like one of those myspace bullitens that say
Writing for 3 guitarists is going to be difficult. Writing something that gives you all a part, while at the same time sounding good, is going to be a bitch. But, Lynyrd Skynyrd can do it, and so can Iron Maiden, so have fun.

EDIT: Oh, original question, right.

If you want a band to last, you gotta make sure that you have good personal chemistry. Having good players doesn't mean anything if you're all a bunch of twats to each other. You can become douche bags and argue AFTER you're famous (Like Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones), but until then, it's better to just work together and get along. Writing a song with a band isn't an overnight process, and will cause frustration.
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Who are you? J.T. Woodruff?

Get with the times buddy. They have two guitarists now, and they said they're keeping it that way in honor of Casey.
i said this before, have 2 lead guitarists playing harmony riffs!

be nice people to each other and it should last
be open to any ideas

and ur done!

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