I came across this on the net and i thought it was pretty funny..

1)Don't put your eggs all in one basket
Again, I totally understand the meaning and I even understand the importance of the meaning. You shouldn't depend on one thing for everything because if something happens to that one thing then you're in trouble. The analogy is dumb though. Why would anybody with a bunch of eggs carry two baskets of eggs if they can just carry one basket of eggs? If carrying your eggs in one basket is such a bad idea then why do they sell eggs in one carton? Why don't they sell you a carton of eggs and then another extra one to put in your pocket?

2)Have your cake and eat to
This one I hear the most and it really bugs me. When someone says you want to have your cake and eat to they mean that you want it your way and you want to enjoy it. Well, yeah! Why wouldn't I? Why in the world would I buy a cake and then just let it sit there and collect dust? Dang right I'm gong to eat my cake! I paid good money for that cake and it's mine! I understand sometimes you might buy a cake and give it to somebody else. There is nothing wrong with that but there is also nothing wrong with eating the cake yourself.

3)Like comparing apples to oranges
Whenever someone is comparing two things that aren't alike someone will always chime in by saying "that's like comparing apples with oranges", as if to say you can't compare those things because they aren't anything alike.

Isn't that the point? Isn't comparing all about figuring out in what ways two different things are alike? Comparing apples to oranges makes plenty off sense. How are they alike? What do they look like? What do they taste like? Apparently whoever came up with this saying thinks we should only compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. How does that make any sense? Why compare two things that are exactly alike? That would be like saying, "well those identical twins sure have the same hair and eye color."
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Those aren't funny to me.

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Those aren't funny to me.

Then don't comment.

Thanks. I enjoyed it.
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like beating a dead horse?

i'm always "geez, why would anyone want to beat a dead horse."

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I hate the third one because you can totally compare apples and oranges quite easily. They're both spherical fruits with a rough skin and seeds in the middle. That's three levels of pretty large similarity. I wish everything were as easy as comparing apples and oranges.
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