what the **** is that place? i have an email in my hotmail account saying someone messaged me on that forum from like a month ago. i dont even know what the **** that place is, whats more is i didnt even know i had registered for it. so i go to the site, use the same login info i use for everything else in the world, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, it works.

seriously, what the hell is that place? and how the hell did i register for it?
Is it a World of Warcraft thing? My Google search came up with the Raptor Hunter tunic...
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yea last week me and my freind kyle were in the bathroom at school and this kid was takin a **** so we decided to make a piss arch over the stall and onto his face...it was priceless
they are preparing for the imminent raptor apocalypse that will come of the new dinosaur resurrection success.
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