should i learn from a DVD or take lessons from my friend ive been playing for about a year and i have learned every thing but how to do fast solo's and stuff like in metal music what should i do the DVD is called guitar master pro
The trick isnt dvd's or being tutored by a friend (best to go to a professional).

Practice with a metronome starting slow and building up playing everything perfectly. that's all you need to know really. Learn scales and arpeggios and stuff slooow.

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Start learning by mastering shred techniques such as tapping and sweeping, then go on to learn stuff by Malmsteen
Backing tracks and a metronome help a great deal. You want to be able to phrase well too not just be a linear speed demon.

I would work on scale sequences and getting used to the neck up and down. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is learning all the scales you enjoy using on the single strings! Not from E to E like most players learn.. this will really help you move around and transition from place to place instead of being stuck in the box shapes. And don't ever try to play faster then you can play clean... that's the worst you'll never get any better doing that.

Listen to the gods of the style such as malmsteen and paul gilbert and such for inspiration
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