I'm not too sure how I started watching it, but I've been watching the Behemoth recording sessions for Prometherio, and I watched the recording of the guitars (obviously) to see what amps they used. While watching I noticed they had one that they frequently used, but i've never heard the brand before. Looked like it said "Prodigm" or something like that

Here's the vid: http://youtube.com/watch?v=wxlsZo82nuo&feature=related

The other amps they use are a Bogner Uberschall, Diezel VH4(s, i have no idea if it's the stereo model), and a Mesa Boogie Roadster. What is the 4th amp they're using?
Prodigy I think. It also says "custom for Nergal", so unless you are able to steal his identity you probably will get never be able to get the same amp.

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