It doesn't seem to be happening anymore but here's the deal

Last night and early this morning I walked up to my desktop PC to see the screen saver frozen in place and the only way to get it out of place was to hold the power button to restart the system and while powering up I got the error saying windows did no shut down properly last time and if I would want to start in safe or normal mode.

So I run normal mode and everything works just fine.

So what could cause this random freezing to happen?

I will put the panel back on now because I don't think it can heat up that much being a fairly stock system with a huge vent on the case door panel.
yea firewall, NOD32, and I do a weekly spybot S&D scan.
NOD32 does a daily scan

sorry, its vista, forgot that part.

PC is an Acer Aspire T180 with new video card and 2GB ram.

I would not say its vista which is the problem, its never had any problems with the OS.
Well Vista did that to me for a little bit.

I dunno.

I just know Vista has been known to do that randomly.
It's a process, not an event.
Vista is so slow it freezes when coming back from the screen saver. This I know from experience.
How long did you wait? Wiggle the mouse and then give it a full minute or two.

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I normally give it a minute but if it starts again ill look into it more.
For now I just backed up the HD just to be safe.

now that you mention it, windows did have me update a few things a few days ago...