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22 92%
2 8%
Voters: 24.
I wanna get a new amp and a new guitar, But I don't know which one i want first. I want a Mesa Single Rec and a Ibanez S520. I currently have a not so good rig, I have a cheap Ibanez guitar and a Spider 212.

Would I be better off getting the amp first or the guitar first?
id say guitar just cus if you dont like playing what you have it kinda sucks. but that can go the same way with not having the tone you want either.

do you need to gig or are you just playing in your bedrrom?
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If you get a new guitar, your new 'tone' will be unnoticable. Or barely noticable. Once you get a new amp, your tone will be so much better, that you'll think you're playing a totally new guitar.
You should get rid of your amp..It would produces sound and tone for your needs...
Rule of thumb: a crappy guitar thru a great amp will sound infinitely better than a great guitar thru a crappy amp.

Get the amp first.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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