i bought a 2005 gibson sg that had a previous headstock repair done. i guess guitar center hadn't done a good job on the repair, because now it is cracking again where it originally was.

there are two cracks beginning at the bottom of the back of the slanted headstock and travel upwards and meet at the same place, like an upside-down "v." The guitar is still playable, but the cracks are definitely getting worse.

i don't have any knowledge of repairs of this sort and don't have much money to spend. lots of people seem to repair these easily themselves with good glue and clamps.

does anyone have experience with this type of work? any advice would be great.
i might be confused here, but the V explanation made me think you were talking about a scarf joint, which is used for a lotta headstocks.

either way, if it's starting to crack, and you're worried, completely detune the strings to relieve tension until you can find a fix for it.

you might end up walking around with a vice grip on your guitar's headstock for life or somethin. just try to detune the strings if you're worried, and take it back in and check it out.
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Definitely take it for some professional to see, or go to Guitar Center, and flame their asses.