So is it a good movie? It looks pretty cool to me but also kinda boring....

Would any of you recommend it?

Also was it better than No Country for old men? (if youve seen both that is...)
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For all intents and purposes it's this generation's Citizen Kane. Is it good? Yes, incredibly good: monstrous acting, gorgeous cinematography and inspiring direction, not to mention a terribly haunting score. It's the best film of the year, perhaps of the decade. No Country is a tight, effective genre film which also succeeds on a more whimsical, philosophical level. It, too, is one of the better films of the decade. There's really no use comparing the two; both are deserving of every award for which they have been nominated.

However, as far as excitement goes, No Country is your best bet. There's not a word spoken throughout the first twenty minutes or so of TWBB, and its pace is fairly meandering and pondersome. Epic, to be sure, but not edge of your seat by any means. If you appreciate film at all, though, give it a shot.