I recently put a new bridge pickup (seymour duncan sh-11) in my epi les paul and I had to buy new pickup rings the fit the seymour duncan screws and when I screwed it in my guitar the pickups was alot lower than before even a its highest what should i do?
the pick ups should be as close as they can be to the strings without touching , even when your playin. I guess you have two different pickups in your guitar, so you need to adjust them so they are as close as they can be while having the same volume in just the neck and just the bridge.
well if all the pickups are the same and they are as close as they can get, you are good. Some pickups are more sensitive. If the guitar isn't loud enough or doesn't have good tone, you should get longer screws and springs
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or new pick ups

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@VelvetFire: I see no reason why your new rings/screws shouldn't be able to elevate your pickup to where it was before... Do you have a picture of the pickup in the ring?