i have about 750 dollars what is a good size one made by a good company

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Olevia. I got a 32" HD flat for $400 and it doubles as a computer monitor. a bit on the pixelly side but its the best deal out there


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go with LCD

or plasma if you dont plan on sleeping by the TV or playing games...since that will burn into the screen easily...

we have a nice large DLP but after a year and a half we need to pay $300 for the bulb since it burns out.

LCD are nice and thin, last for ever basically, and have a good quality image.

Major brands are all nice but keep an eye out on slickdeals.net for a good deal around circuit city or best buy...we got ours at best buy for a great deal.
for canada i would suggest saving up a bit more money, it depends what consoles (if any) do you have, have any other type of high defintion devices that would benifit form a hdtv, becuase if not then its just a normal tv and your better off gettign a crt.