Hey guys.

The song is at http://myspace.com/thereruns11 and it's called Finding Forever. A few mixing errors that will be corrected, the vocals are a little loud, etc.

My band isn't completely satisfied with this song, but we want to include it in part of a 3 song demo. We need a demo to be able to play at a a few local venues. We've never had a gig at a real venue so we're pretty eager to get one.

So besides the crit, my question is should we include this song on the demo? Obviously it would be ideal to replace it with something that we like better, but each song takes about 2-3 weekends to record and we're really ready to start playing gigs. And the other songs we have lined up don't even have lyrics or a vocal part (another weekend at least).

Also, leave a link and I'll crit yours.

Hey again, I like it. It's not exactly my style, but it's good. The vocals can be a little off in some parts, but I bet with practice it would be fine. The solo is cool, It goes with the song and melody. You might want to work on piecing together the song, because near the end it almost got repetitve until the solo. Good work though.
hehe thought that annoying banner ad was part of your song "say something! what?" grrr

anyways. i am listening to the song now. the instrumentals of the song are very tight. has a grooving beat. the drummer has a good thing going there. i think your singer needs to "sing" more, with a bit of melody. as it is it's really just the lyrics in a sort of droning voice. turn down the mic and get him to really let go volume wise. that should help the recording. i dont think you will have any trouble getting people dancing with this tune though. good job its a kick ass song. on the same level as the other one on your myspace. maybe not as complete. but it is a good song nonetheless.
only real detractors is i am not really a fan of the singing style.

crit some of the stuff linked in my sig? thanks
Firstly do not use that demo to get a gig. The music itself was ok but the singing was (just being honest) horrid. I tried to run through the catalog of music in my head and think of someone with a simular style but no luck.

The singer is quite nasally and very flat, emotionally detached from the rest of the band. Could this be fixed? Maybe but it depends how much effort that person wants to put into improving.

Believe it or not theres plenty of major label talent out there that spend days getting in tune with one song. So Im not slamming your singer its just somethings take awhile.

Turn him down and let his voice come up and take over. Im not a singer (although I do scream sing songs in my band on occasion) but something Ive learned on UG singer forum was to get that throat open...you can do this by yawning and feel how the throat opens up and go from there. The other really important thing is to project your voice forward not unlike throwing a punch.

Also practice holding notes played on a guitar. Play the low open e and try and hold the voice to that etc.

I just cleaned house in my band got rid of the singer and a pretty good drummer that just wasnt consistent enough. It really really sucks to do that but youll play better and sound better.

Rule number one when recording is know when a song isnt a song...and until the vocals get way better it isnt a song IMO.

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