getting a new OD pedal, suggestions? i want a very light overdrive sound, so i can click from clean to the pedal and it has a light distortion.


i am looking around 100AU, off ebay more than likely. i was looking at the MI audio crunch box, as it is true bypass and made in AUS
Hmm I dunno if going from clean to crunchy is really what you'd want an OD for. Maybe a lighter distortion pedal or something? Tapping a little gain on from a pedal should add a small boost anyway.
I like the Tube Screamer personally. I've used it in just the situation you speak of in a jazz quartet when I need a little hair for sustain on solos. It also does blues and rock nicely.
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Boss blues Driver. It is just volume and gain. It doesn't get simpler than that.

yeah but I think he wants true bypass
yes, true bypass is a must. it's just so i can have the middle ground between heavy dist/ and clean, but it can't be too heavy, if you knwo what i mean.
well maybe a fulltone OCD. They will definitely get heavy enough... You should try it out first though, but definitely keep it in mind.