I'm looking at buying a new amp. Preferable a tube amp and for up to about $1000 AUD.

I play a lot of Metallica / Trivium / Pantera / Maiden so I'm after an amp that would suit.

I had in mind a Peavey ValveKing 212. Any suggestions?
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ive played a valveking head and cab, wasn't impressed at all. randall combo?i have seen the valved one for around 900 AUD
yeah a mate of mine has a randall. it sounds pretty sweet

what model randall and how much do they retail for in aus?
no idea.
i think its a 50T
or something
just google randall
and find their site, and look it up on there.
i've seen it for 899 on special.
yeah alright ill have a look

do you know if its any good for heavy metal / type music?