hey guys did this at an open mic night and i put the recording up on my myspace. its the first song that plays so you dont have to do anything else. let me know what you guys think . and dont worry its sung not rapped so its not gonna be garbage lol.

i love this song- you did a really good job. crowd interaction was cool, your voice is great and you successfully transformed lil wayne's verse into a ballad of sorts. good man.
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Dude!! That was awesome! I really like the original of that song. That must have been so fun to play at that place. And you've got a great voice. I'm totally jealous...haha. I really enjoyed it.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

Hey man. Loved it. Your voice is great, and the guitar is great 10/10. Crit any song in my profile?
I've heard the original quite a few times, and you ****ing owned it man. Very nice voice.
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very well done. amazing voice. i added you on myspace. if you get time could you check out mine?

take it easy bro

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well done man, Wyclef is actually the only rap i really like, and you just owned this, where'd you get the tab? here at ug?
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wow this is old but i figure i may as well answer youre question and get a few more critiques in the process lol, yeah it was from here at UG

anymore critiques would be great, im thinking about doing it again live and i appreciate the positive feedback so far