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I know this question only applies to some people on here but anyway. Tonight, it dawned on me how much my musical taste has developed. I was listening to some Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery tonight, and my dad walks in and was telling me how he was proud of me for liking some real music. Anyway, five years ago, before I started playing guitar, I would be listening to Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. I would have never thought in a million years, I would be so pumped listening to jazz music. So, did you ever think that you would ever be interested in some of the music you like now?
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I used to absolutely hate metal when I was way I listen to it on a daily basis. And even when I was getting into metal, I didn't think I'd ever listen to death metal like I do now.
I suppose, I listen to a lot of mellow music and older music (blues, jazz, classical, etc.) so yeah it's not what I was expecting.
I used to look at bands like slayer/slipknot and think how could anyone ever listen to that music, its just noise

...I'm a huge metalhead now, oddly enough. although i do like thrash metal in particular better
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Yeah, I used to be a rock only type of guy, with AC/DC and Led Zeppelin being my main listening. Now, I'm way into Mahavishnu Orchestra, all big band swing, and some metal, like SOAD, when I used to hate metal and jazz.
i grew up as a grunge head. now i love fusion jazz, folk, classical and prog metal. all because i learned how to play a few instruments


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Not even close.
Used to listen to exclusivly rap. Still listen to it, but very picky.
Now I range everywhere from Ghostface Killah to Muse to Pantera
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I've liked the same kinds of music since I was a youngin'. Although, When I was a youngin' I only liked a few of the songs off of my Mom's Alice in Chains unplugged album. Now they're my favourite band.
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5 years ago id be listening to blink 182 and all that pop punk type stuff. i never thought that in a couple of years id be listining to bands like Children of Bodom and Dream Theatre, and let alone appreciating genres like and Jazz and Classical.
everything I listen to now, I hated.
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when I was like 7, I was obsessed with limp bizkit
then I moved onto papa roach...
then metallica
then pantera
then children of bodom
then opeth

then I started liking older things
sabbath, ozzy, other old metal bands.
Then I listened to old rock like classic rock. Eventually led to pink floyd, which I still love. Then, I started listening to blues rock like cream, which I still love. Then SRV (my current favorite musician). That's pretty much where I am. I like jazz, blues, classic rock, folk rock, and prog. rock.
Current favorite bands:
Rush, Cream, SRV, Pink Floyd, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Who, Ray Charles, Alice in Chains.

I've changed a lot, from limp bizkit to Stevie Ray Vaughan
Not at all. 5 years ago, if you had shown me Darkthrone and Gorgoroth and said, "You'll be in love with these bands in a few years," I would have thought you were crazy.
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I used to think classical was for pretentious assholes. I've abandoned that attitude.

I never really saw myself getting into progressive rock like I am today when I was younger.
Yeah, just like a lot of people have said, I used to think that Death Metal was dumb sounding, but I really like it now. However, I get tired of anything if I listen to it a lot so I'm constantly moving back and fourth between genres of music, but ultimately, I listen to everything except country and classical. My Ipod is probably one of the most random collections of music on the planet haha
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Up until I was in 7th grade, I only listened to Classical and LOTR soundtrack (lol). Then I got into Green Day. Most of 8th grade I loved Nu Metal, and now (9th grade) I'm really more into thrash and melodic death metal.
Well I had a metal fad and now I just can't see with the recent shredding fad how that can even appeal as music... Where's the emotion in 5000 sixteenth notes played at 400bpm? I'm all into modern rock, blues and jazz now. I've never disliked them though so I'm not surpised.
Certainly. I grew up listening to pop-punk and 80s metal. I despised anything that had screaming in it.

Today, I can't stand pop-punk. I'd much rather listen to hardcore or even something softer like jazz or classical music. The guitar has definantly opened up my mind to other genres.
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Not even close.
Used to listen to exclusivly rap. Still listen to it, but very picky.
Now I range everywhere from Ghostface Killah to Muse to Pantera

Same here.

I'm more of a Dead Prez to As Blood Runs Black transition though
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I used to like country, then rap, then soft-rock, then metal, now literally everything. Since my interest in music have changed so much, I wonder what I will listen to when I'm 45....
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Five years ago, if you'd have shown me Fungus Amongus (Incubus), I'd have hated it, but now it's one of my favorite albums. Same with Song for America (Kansas), probably.

Both groups have had an incredible impact on me in terms of what I listen to and what I write.
Always been into hiphop, funk, soul, jazz, so jungle and house music sorta manifested themselves out of those genres....
Heh, not at all. I was listening to Linkin Park and Good Charlotte, now I listen to NIN. I could never imagine myself listening to anything like it.
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I grew up listening to the ramones, greenday, nirvana and classic rock. Until i saw on myspace a picture of a school friend "with Buz from unearth", i looked them up and i got hooked since that day! looked up some more"related artists" and it was like a snow ball getting bigger and bigger. But i loved the most was the mixture of brutality with beautiful melodies and harmonized guitars, reason why together with killswitch, are my fav bands.

Then once in college i had to listen to a lot of classical music. Discovered Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt and got hooked to classical-romantic piano. As my theory classes advaced i got into Wagner (who is equally brutal than any metal band) and Strauss.

Nope, i never thought i would listen to the music i do. Thank god moved from where i was stock, it held my playing skills cause i was only playing power chords and lame melodies.
Yes, I knew I'd be listening to music I didn't know existed, like afro-beat. And krautrock.

...I still hate a lot of classical music, though.
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No. I probably would be listening to some rap or green day **** if i didn't find metal through the use of teh interwebz.
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Actually no, I used to (when I was really little, I'm only 14 now) listen to super bubble-gum pop. Now it's hardcore punk all the way, plus pretty much everything else, I ddin't think anything like At The Drive-In, or The Mars Volta, or The White Stripes, or Tool, of The Fall of Troy, or The Blood Brothers, or etc. could even exist

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I used to look at bands like slayer/slipknot and think how could anyone ever listen to that music, its just noise

...I'm a huge metalhead now, oddly enough. although i do like thrash metal in particular better

Yup just noise there.

I never used to think I would be into metal, I used to listen to Simple Plan and Good Charlotte all the time *ashamed*
I used to hate hiphop in all its shapes. A couple of months ago I was showed some old-school hiphop and hiphop that was sans gangstarap-attitudes.

I'm also starting to appreciate the world of psytrance thanks to Infected Mushroom and Shpongle.
I thought Tool was a group of satanists for some reason. Now they're my favorite band. hmmm
this may sound strange but before i discovered UG i couldn't stand any kind of metal, as i thought it was ALL satanic music. I used to like pop/punk rock bands cuz i thought they were cool but when i started to play guitar, and started learning music theory, it open my ears to a whole new world i never knew existed.

i started listening to music not just as an average listener with no knowledge of how music works, but as a musician that can appreciate the diversity among all types of music ranging from pop, to metal, to blues, and everything in between.

i still like some blink 182, nirvana, etc, but now i listen to slayer, led zeppelin, dream theater, b.b. king, etc.

as i mentioned above i think that when one starts learning to play an instrument his/her ear will start to develop and you'll no longer hear music the same way. you'll realize that after a while you can tell notes apart, you can tell if somethings out of tune, etc.
anyways, thats just my belief
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Anything heavier then greenday back then was gay. Hated it..

but now its the shizzit.

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Never thought I would find myself enjoying death metal. But now I do.
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I used to like linkin park and rap. all this mainstream bull****.

now its likely for me to listen to Take 5 or some jazz after listening to blackwater park.
I grew up listening to 80's hip-hop and 90's gangsta rap. Bands like Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Linkin Park got me into general rock music. I finally bought a guitar and amp and fell in love with guitar solos and fast riffage, and I was drawn to Metal and I've been listening to Metal ever since, going 10 years strong now .
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