Hey man whats up.

Ok Im in the middle of listening. The first part of the song sounds like the Ford Edge commercial with that super cute chick looking up through the giant sunroof. Not a bad thing for an intro though.

THE most important thing in guitar is strumming. Anyone can hold chords but its the right hand technique that sets us apart from one another. The chorus strum seems to fir your voice but the verse strum does not.

Speaking of voices you have a decent sound but you really need to work on the keeping a tone. Usually I notice singers having trouble with the beginning and ending of lyrics but your problem kinda floats around. Concentrate of using your diaphram better. Hold in a little air and use that diaphram to expel the sound nice and steady.

I think the vocs on this song need some medium breathes and sung with just a little more conviction and know where the lyrics are going...they dont always fit the music.

Overall opinion was I liked it.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
pretty good song...a few sloppy notes at the begining (not that im one to talk) but if u rerecord it u may wanna clean those up..additionally ure voice soundedd a little dry...but as i listen to it again i guess it actually kinda suits the song...they just take a little time to grow on you