hey guys, i have a spider III 75, and i have never used the CD input jack thats build onto it, so i plugged in the cable, because i was gonna plug my ipod into it, and i set the volume all the way down on the amp, and the ipod was off. When i plugged it in my amp made that sound like when the cable comes out of your guitar, just like a really deep boom, or whatever you want to call it, and now my amp seems like it has to much treble as compared to how it was before. does anyone know what might of happened? its really strange because my volume is completely off
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nope, never happened to me
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can i say wrong placezorzs for this threadzorzs?
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Ah well, at least it was only a spider

Sorry lol i had to say that, err I think its paranoidingage, it shouldn't have really been affected lerk.