I have recently started a band of three members including myself and have started off kind of slow but are doing good now. Both of them are my friends that didn't meet before I brought them together. So this makes me the leader because I set up all the band practices and introduce material and songs. I also am the only lead guitarist and singer in the group so I have a lot of responsibility. The thing is I don't want it to be Monarchy in that I have all the power, but even though they are motivated to play and don't seem to care if I take charge, I still feel they should at least voice some opinion. I know that now it seems I have no problems to be worrying about but I know that things may begin to fall apart if they feel I am taking all the thunder. Any suggestions for my situation?
you should give them some responsibilities to do for the band. but it sounds like your doing a great job, and they should respect you for w/e u do for the band
Contribution is key. If everyone is responsible for their role in the band, then everyone can be counted as an equal member of the band.

Mine recently saw the departure of a singer and drummer because they never actually did anything, never produced material, criticised everything I did and said, and I had to hound them to show up to jams.

Although, we do play Black Metal, so we can get away with using my vocals and a drum machine. Just gonna suck when we play live (I can't sing and play at the same time)
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writing would always be good...lyrics can always be a good thing to have written.
and i kind of know your situation...and watch out cuz if something goes wrong,they'll point the finger at you
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How about promotion?

In my band, I find myself doing the lion's share of the creative work - from writing, recording, mixing, album artwork, T-shirt design, ordering merch, website updates, myspace, booking, press/media, making sure local stores have our CDs, doing posters, etc.

I give the other guys a say. They generally trust my judgement, so rarely do they say nay at stuff, but they do if they need to. It's kinda like I'm the prime minister and the house of commons in one, but they are the senate. hehe

I wish they were more motivated for doing more stuff, but I'm happy to have the team I have because they're dependable, professional, easy-going and nice guys. We play well together. I've spent over ten years trying to find this combination of people so I'm not going to get all tyrannical by imposing stupid stuff on them.

That said, look at all the other stuff that can be done. If they're game, there is lots to do.

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Well sounds good but I don't think we are that far yet we only have a few songs so far.
It's looking like you're emerging as the natural leader, but that's a good thing as long as everyone is happy with that. Every team needs a leader in order to focus them on their goals.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable, just put every decision to a band vote. That way, the band is run as a democracy, even though you're still doing the running around.
Ask them what they think of things, and ask them if they have any ideas. Come up with a riff or something, and ask them to come up with something that goes with it. (A great way of learn to compose music is to make original additions to other people's music.) If their part's not so great, change it to make it better, but make sure they know their contribution is valuable. They'll gain confidence and slowly realize that they can do what you do too.