I am in the process of changing out the stock pickups in my Strat with fender Noiseless pickups and after wiring and puting it all back together the neck and bridge pickups aren't sounding. I'm using a sealed body style 5 way selector. The middle pickup works in switch position 2 through 4, but 1 and 5 are useless. Any ideas as to what the problem might be?
well 1 and 5 reference your neck and bridge pickups by themselves so you should check your connections and make sure you wired it right according to the diagram. examine all the solder joints carefully and wrap them in electrical tape too. this happened in one of my guitars and it turned out that 2 wires coming off bridge p/u that were supposed to be cut off and unused were touching so after I made sure they were well taped and separated it worked fine.
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I checked the connections and they all look fine and according the diagram my wiring is correct. Is there any way the closed switch differs from the wiring for the open switch?
Pull the wires off 1 and 5, clean off the solder and redo it. Chances are you have a cold joint, they should all be shiny.

FYI, to test your pickups before you put it all back together, wire them up and plug the guitar into your amp. Select the pup and turn the volume all the way up, then tap on the pup with a screwdriver. If everything is working correctly then you'll hear the sound coming from your amp.
Thanks for the help guys. I checked all the joints and it was a couple of cold soldering joints that caused the problem.