...background of the story.. I liked this girl since Summer of 07' never asked her out, so she dated this one kid. for like 6 and a half months until finally breaking up with him. She broke up with him, and it apparently destroyed her ex. And me asking her out also worsened things for the kid. tough love..... anyways its been 4 days since we have gone out (yes i just recently asked her out). and a few minutes ago i get a call. I dont know who the person was but they say, they know me and says my gf is cheating on me. I know it isn't her ex, cuz i can recognize his voice. So I figured it was maybe one of his friends.

Well he starts talking crap to me, I hang up. He calls again, my dad answers puts it on speaker. talks crap to my dad, and me and my dad start breaking out in laughter. cuz the kid thinks im on the phone, even when my dad told him it wasnt me.

Well they stopped calling and my dad says i shouldnt tell my gf. but idk what to do i need some advice. one of my closes friends got off myspace and she is probably sleeping so i cant ask for her advice.... so i am stuck asking The Pit.

so pit what should i do.

And also note. if I were to fight the kid it wouldnt be worth it, im against fighting, unless you're in an Octagon, and I Wrestle for my high school. Everybody says I'm really strong for my size, so it wouldnt be challenge for me.

oh and sorry for the wall of text
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