hey fellas
i'm looking for a high quality loop/delay pedal that needs to do the following
- long loops 15 sec plus
- quantizing my foot stepping so i can lock in a loop with a click with out slowly going out of time - i.e set it to a bpm that can automatically make the loop the right length of time
- multiple loops over top of each other

price - around $800.00USD

any help on this would be wicked the shops here don't have the greatest pedals...
If you are willing to spend that much, the Boss RC-50 has everything you could ever want. But if I were you, I'd save my money and get an RC-20. It has all those features also.
A dl-4 has 14 seconds which is more than enough for me imo.
its only 200 bucks and less if you can bargain it down at guitar center
and as for setting a bpm. use a metronome.
and yea you can do multiple loops.

you cant save stuff but if you need that feature id reccommend the boss stuff.
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