just thinking it would be nice to fix up my guitar a little. i like to have the ability to play all kinds of different styles. i play a little bit of everything from chili peppers to led zeppelin and hopefully one day maybe some jimi hendrix. what kind of parts should i look into getting to maybe get a better sound out of my guitar.
Your guitar should be perfectly suitable for all of those styles. Maybe locking tuners and/or a graphite nut + saddles to improve tuning stability with a lot of trem use. Other than that, you should look into a good amp and a few good effects pedals (Blues Jr. and Big Muff Pi come to mind when you list those bands).
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^^that guy knows his stuff. But just to add on to that I'd also say get some new pickups if you have a tube amp and if you want you could get a hardtail bridge if you dont use your tremolo.
But locking tuners and new saddles/nut would be my first investments.
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