Well from my understanding acid jazz is basically a sort of downtempo music which uses jazz elements. To hear samples, you could head over to Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music and go to the downtempo section, click on acid jazz and hear some short samples.

But the term acid has different meanings in different contexts. Acid rock, for example, is a form of heavy psychedelic rock with long solos. Acid rap is abstract hiphop with trippy, off-the-wall themes and unconventional beats (a good example of this would be Dr Octagon's Octagonecologyst album).

However, when we're talking about electronic dance music, acid (insert genre name here) refers to the sound made by the TB-303 synthesizer, which creates a bizarre, squelchy sound. Acid house was the first style to centre itself on this sound, then came acid trance, hard acid, acid techno, etc.

Hope that helped.
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