Okay, so my friend has been giving me some guitar lessons for free the past 4 weeks and is continueing until whenever he gets tired of it, and every week he nags me about using a pick to play my guitar... And every time I even make an attempt to use a pick, it doesn't feel right to me, it's not comfortable, and I can't play nearly as well as I can using my fingers to play (and I suck playing with my fingers, ive only been playing guitar for like 3months now.)

Does anyone out there know of any good techniques to get comfortable using a pick??? I'm not sure if its my picks im using, I dunno, Ive used a variety of picks and none of them feel right to me at all.
Try to keep using a pick, unless you finger pick correctly, Just keep practising, look up how to hold it on the internet. I have this trouble with a student of mine. He insists not to use a pick because it doesn't feel right. But that's because he won't use a pick.

You just need to keep practising. I used to never use a pick, NEVER, although I learnt to finger pick. But when I went to using a pick I knew I had to practise to get used to it. So practise, and keep at it. Don't give up.

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It will feel weird to you if you don't use them often. Just as fingerpicking feels weird to people who start out on picks. It's all about repetition man, and soon enough it will feel second nature. Just start out doing even up/down picks on one string, get a feel for that, move on to doing multiple strings and chords, then eventually you will be skipping strings without too much of a problem. Not much to say but practice, and find a comfortable grip. It doesn't matter how you hold it as long as it doesn't interfere with your playing (hitting strings with your knuckles and stuff). Give it a few weeks and I think you will be pleased with the improvements you make. And make sure when you practice, you are picking each note so that it rings nice and clear.
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i also used to never use my pick, i just found my fingers so much more accurate and easier to use, but as the other guys have said just practice with your pick. even if you have to play ultra slowly just keep practicing and dont give up
i had a similar problem... i started learning using a pick, but a while back i started learning fingerstyle and didn't play with the pick as much. when i started using both styles regularly i had trouble picking more complex passages because i hadn't practiced picking much in a couple months!
it's not gonna feel comfortable. it will feel restrictive, and it will feel wrong, but it gets better with time. and yes, you will feel like you suck with the pick for some time. start with finding a comfortable grip, then just strum open chords. work on your left hand technique with chord changes while your right hand becomes more comfortable with the pick in a nice uncomplicated situation. up-down-up-down, over and over. then you could try messing with the rhythm or moving to very simple single-line passages. once you get to single-line you should be decently comfortable, though you'll probably still think you suck. keep working at it. try harder passages as you master the simpler things. it'll take time, but as you improve you'll become comfortable with the pick. don't stop practising without one, though. fingerstyle lets you do things you really can't do with a pick. good luck!
i was like that as well. my first 2 months i'd be like "eww picks, they feel weird." now i could barely play without one. just using it will get you used to it
Make sure you choke up on the pick for extra control.

Try this:
Next time you're sitting around withing TV, grab your guitar. Muting the strings with your left hand, alternate pick one string slowly with your right hand. As it gets more comfortable, go faster. Do this for 5 or 10 minutes a couple of times a week.
After doing one string a few times, try moving around to other strings and playing them muted in different patterns. You know, EEEE AAAA DDDD GGGG BBBB EEEE. Then EE AA DD AA DD GG DD GG BB GG BB EE. Stuff like that to get you switching strings comfortably.

Let me know how it works for you.
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