ok heres the issue my music class is doing a Unit on Australian music i need a challenging or impressive to the ears of those "non bassist" types piece to play at the end of that term written by and Australian bassist if thats not possible i might be able to convince my music teacher something else is more appropriate.
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Maybe something by the Living End bassist... Witch Doctor sounds impressive and is pretty easy.
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yea well the living end is out i kinda killed that by playing some of their stuff with the whole class two years ago... he told me chili peppers wasn't enough of a stretch for me as i can play anesthesia (and have for an assesment) ne ideas people cuz im REALLY lost as far as Australian bassists go
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Flea was born here in Oz.
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Yeah I had to do the same thing, and I couldn't find anything so I just made up my own song.
sorry to hijack but do any of you aussie bassists live in sydney? if so, are u willing to join a metal band based around the st george area? i think i've talked to dead-rip, ur located at the northern beaches ye? pity that.

so ye pm me if ur available. cheers
Well, if you're Australian, I see no problem, just write something.
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Hey, as far as Flea goes, maybe try 'nobody weird like me'? It could be a challenge of a high enough stature to pass your teachers eye.
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Look at COG.. Man they are good
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thanks guys and at macaroni i don't know neone out there sorry man if u sed Newcastle or something i might have been able to help ya out with a bassist i might be able to pull the flea thing if i remind my teacher of the fact he was originally an aussie but writing 3 minutes of stuff that just shows off various techniques is prolly my best bet........

thanks for the ideas guys ill look at all of em bfor just jamming out 3 minutes becomes an option
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well some of them. .
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Shannon Birchall from the john butler trio is probably one of the best australian bassists
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thanks guys for all the suggestions for some reason wen i thought COG i immediately jumped to Karnivool lol ill prolly play shutterspeed or roquefort thanks guys
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