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Does anyone know What gear Micheal romeo uses on Symphony x's latest album, 'paradise lost'?

Gear meaning guitars, amps, effects.

Anything like that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance
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He has never really said.

He probably was using his Caparison guitar, but that is only a guess.

He uses several different amps, Engl definitely, but he might have used a couple other brands as well.
Wiki says:
Since 2005, Romeo has recently taken advantage of a new custom model, Caparison Dellinger II - Michael Romeo Custom, which was also used to record Symphony X last album, Paradise Lost. He also used ESP M-II Deluxe guitars and Fender Stratocasters to perform and record other albums from the band.

In terms of amplification in the studio he uses an Engl Fireball, but switches to the Line6 Vetta Head for live performances. Recent photographs that have been made available at Symphony X Official Website sees him also using other amplifiers from brands such as Marshall and Madison.

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