yo, ive been looking at a new amp head to replace my line 6.

been looking at the 2003 kerry king model, seen it on the net for £639

is this a good amp for me? id b mainly using it for brutal/thrash metal as ive got my KnH to cover the less heavy music. would it suit me for this? asumeing i used it with my 1960B cab.

Also has it only got a distored channel or has it got a clean one as well?

thanks for any help.
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its only one channel which goes from clean to distorted. but altough its a kerryking signature head it really has too little gain imho, you really have to shred like the devil to get this thing somehwere NEAR "high gain" ("high gain" as what it was meaned to be in the early 80s, not today expectations of high gain). as far as i could remeber (long time since i played an orignal JCM800) i thought that the old 800s even have more gain than this KK-signature-thing. i would not recommend it for brutal metal, but you could get a really good blues/rock tone out of it.
JCM 800 2203s are all single channel, there's a 2205 that's dual channel.

Yes, it'll be suited, and if you want cleans just turn down the volume on your neck pick-up. Bridge for t3h br00t4lz, neck for pretty parts.

The KK features an extra mid-range boost, to help achieve Slayer-ish tones. If you want scooped mids, another amp might be more suited.
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