I looked around abit and i couldn't find a thread about the shins so i decided to create one.

In my opion the shins have got to be one of the best, and most underated, bands around. I've got all three albums and love all the songs on them (except maybe "Your Algebra") but i only know about five people who listen to the shins.
Anyway, i was wondering what you think there best song or album is. I'll start:

song- new slang or a comet apears (can't really decide)
album- can't decide between Chutes and Wincing but if i had to i would probably choose wincing

Also, what are your opinions on the new album?
Nah, new slang or phantom limb, I love phantom limb, its fantastic! The single turn on me isnt bad either, I will alwyas have a soft spot for their ealier stuff too. I agree they are underrated, but they did get a ****load of press after being featured in garden state, on scrubs, etc.
Diezel, Motherfucker