Occasionally I use a metronome to keep speed when I am playing but I hate the sound. Sometimes when playing with my teacher he turns on the "drum machine" which really does the same thing and adds another component to sound which I like. Just wondering what others do ?????? Thinking about getting a drum machine to play with and then adding some sort of recording device later to play and record tracks of my own to play with. Do others do this sort of thing and if so how do I begin and where do I go with all of this ?????


Bob J
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just dont use a metronome...

metronome is key to practicing ... ignore what he said completely.. you could try using the one on guitar pro i think you can change the sounds of it.. or buy a physical metronome
Well I just put up with a metronome, but I do from time to time use a drum machine, which keeps the time keeping but it's alot more interesting; playing over a drum pattern

The DM I use is built into my Boss BR-600, it's not like a proper high tech drum machine but it does the job well enough to keep me interested, and is useful for recording

EDIT:^+1. Metronomes are key tools; as i've played guitar over the years its really dawned on me just how important it is, and i'd probably say having a strong sense of rhythm is THE most important thing to get down, it affects your accuracy and how your music can progress
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Why are you focusing on the sound of the metronome instead of your playing? I'm just screwin' with ya.. Get used to it man.. It's not that big of a deal, is it?
I can and do put up with it but it would seem that a drum machine might just add another dimension to the cause. What does one use for recording rhythm progressions that I can play leads over????

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