Hey guys, here's another guitar versus mode but this time, I'm comparing only one aspect of the guitar and that is the tremolo system.

I, for one, am not very fond of the ever popular Floyd Rose tremolo system or other similar trems out there like the newer Edge series on some of the Ibanez models. Sure, it can take a lot of abuse and wanking without going out of tune but it makes string changing and changing the tuning a real bitch.

I've done some research and two guitars I found came equipped with an alternative to the FR. Both of the trems can take a fair amount of abuse, yet both are non-locking types. Now, I realize that while these two trem systems are good, they can't take the same kind of abuse that FR's can. They are mostly for guys like me who want to option to use the whammy bar every now and then, without giving up the ease of string changing & tuning and without fear of going out of tune. I didn't include the Bigsby trem or some of the trems that come with some Reverend guitar models simply because I don't like the way they look.

The first one is the tremolo on Mark Tremonti's Signature model from PRS:

The bridge is apparently designed by PRS and has extra routing which allows the user to pull up and down on it, much like a Floyd. It has locking tuners, also by PRS, which are vital in making the guitar stay in tune.

Here's some vids of the trem being abused: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQb1AJPfOeM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_tfOf7Wqaw - Mark does some dive bombs toward the end

The second guitar is one I've mentioned quite a bit already, the EBMM JP6 John Petrucci Sig, also has a floating, non-locking trem but from what I've heard, it stays in tune quite well, as well as a Floyd. It's got locking tuners as well.

People who saw John on tour recently with G3 said that he could do divebombs on his guitar and it stayed in tune throughout the song.

Some vids of the EBMM:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWQzcAq8Yag
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix02CgPU9JQ - If he's going to teach how to play like Dimebag, there's definitely whammy abuse inolved....
I'd go for the MUsic man one, even though i prefer PRS to Music Man.
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I've got a PRS Custom 22, it doesn't have a floating trem at all but it allows me to do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y942_z0L_84

So it definately works both up and down with no tuning problems at all. But the Petrucci does this too, so I think you couldn't go wrong with any of them. It just comes down to which guitar feels and sounds better to you.
PRS trems are very very good. Mine takes abuse and keeps on comming back for more. I would be interested to try one with extra routing as the pull up on a standard one is only a semitone and it wont do full on divebombing.
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I would go with the Ernie Ball Music Man personally... I got a Music Man and I love it so much it is so versitile and takes the abuse..
omg the tremoni sig is so nice
im not a big fan of music mans, but i do think that it would have the better non locking trems
but dont PRS guitars w/ trems come with sperzel locxking tuners?
That EBMM trem is great. It's the best trem they make, and the vintage trem on my Silo Spec takes huge amounts of abuse and never goes out of tune. If the JP is better than is must be perfect.
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Can these guitars go from E standard to C standard w/o the trem being adjusted, like a Floyd Rose needs to?
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Check out the Ibanez SV5470 Prestige? It's a new Ibanez that has a traditional Strat style trem but locking tuners to keep in tune.
No floating trem can change tunings so drastically on a single guage of strings without some adjustment be it double locking or vintage. Fact is they all work on the same princple so are all prone to the same problems. The only difference being the vintage trems wont have all the routing so will meet the guitars body and be stopped from falling any further back.(can ruin paint job by doing this, especially on prs guitars as their laquers are just so prone to dings. I know iv done this to my prs, i now bung a credit card between the body and trem to protect the paint whenever tuning down or when changing strings.
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I'd go with the petrucci model.

1. I'm a huge fan of petrucci
2. Piezo anyone?
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Thanks for the responses guys. I'm just curious, is the Petrucci trem available for purchase separate for the guitar itself? I'm thinking of having one installed in my guitar.
Okay guys, time for a bump

I recently had a chance to try out both the guitars courtesy of a new music shop that carries 'em both. And I gotta say, the Musicman trem is INCREDIBLE. I friggin' violated that thing and it stayed in tune. The best thing is I can change the strings and the tuning normally without adjusting a locking nut over and over. Also, there's no fine tuning pins that hit my hand when I'm picking. It's flat-out awesome.

The bridge on the Tremonti was pretty sweet too but I felt like I might break it if I abused it too much. It's clearly not made for Steve Vai or Herman Li style stunts but it could take a beating if faced with it. I did some divebombs a la Dimebag and it stayed in perfect tune.

I'm still looking to purchase the Petrucci trem separately though. If I could get one I'd replace the bridge on my Ibanez with it.