I've been looking around the internet for a couple of days for a good tab of Buckethead's Jordan, but most of them seem to fall by the wayside with the second and third parts of the solo (for you Guitar Heroers, it's the really crazy Solo B and C). Does anyone know where I can find a reliable tab for these solos that actually sounds like what Buckethead plays?
Hm. Good luck with that, because that solo was composed specifically for GH2.

It's doubtful that you'll find a video of him playing it that you can use as a reference.

Note where it says "Tabbed By:"

^He's right there's no solo.
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Theres videos on youtube of people doing the GH solo for it, watch those.
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Well, if you could give me some constructive criticism on mine I'd like to know what's wrong with it. It's the version 8 guitar pro on this site. If you don't have guitar pro, I'll make it into text for you. So far though no one has had a criticism for it, and it does in fact go into his finger nubbing for "solo B" un-like the more common trill version.

Edit: There are videos of BH playing the solos on youtube but they are poor quality....he did it I believe at a James Brown tribute concert.
There was a tab for the version heard in GH2 in Guitar World a while back. I can't remember which issue, though, and I don't have it with me.