mr. johnson, yes, my sir,
I know it's only may,
but sorry johnson, johnson jew,

I know that crafty smile, jew,
with everyone in part,
(I know that crafty engine, jew,
my car will never start.)

my car is elsewhere now,
I run with nervous legs,
I over run the government
Yes, run over eye the feds.

I run fifteen feet up, run up
to mature and run to think.
I did vomit why did I vomit
twice into the sink?

I did grow up in all these years,
or did I just get taller?
I am dog was much but such but
I'm just so much smaller.

my head is really hurting, jew,
give now me something now?
all the aches have gone now, jew,
(wow just tell me, how?)

hungry, yes i am very hungry,
I must fight right, or a faker?
hungry yes (i'm starving now)
for food in time in baker.

"hello baker, tell me, baker,
tell me baker, jew,
do you give food to me or
do I give food to you?"

yes this pasty tasty pastry,
ouch now i'm in pain.
call an ambulance, CALL NOW JEW,
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I don't get the whole Jew thing, but other than that, this is one of the better things I've ever read on here.
are you trying to be an ignorant racist or am i missing the point
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Wait for them by your door, and when they come.
Jump out with your wiener just hanging there and yell "Surprise!"
They'll never talk to you again, also make shure to helicoptor it a bit.

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I doubt he's trying to be an ignorant rapist.

It's just his original idea of putting a Jew into recognizable terms (not by any measure today, but perhaps from a German/Nazi point of view c.1939-1945).

I liked it. No, I'm not racist. If you disagree, I suggest you read some poetry by T.S. Eliot. You may find it similar to this. Kudos,

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i think eric cartman would be very proud of you.

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This piece of material is far too intelligent for the likes of Eric Cartman.

Cartman's would just insult the Jews openly, with no reasoning, whereas this requires some knowledge of the circumstances in which the idea for this song was created.
Racism is in the title, if you are implying that work ethic is related to what ethnicity a person belongs to.

This is not a pipe