I posted a while ago, as I am wanting to play a song for my girl just before I pop the big question - it would be symbolic and ****, she'd love it.

Anyway, I've finally decided on a song -


It's her favourite, so I'm hoping that she will love it.

What does the pit think of my decision ?

Also, how long does the pit think it would take me to learn, as a fairly mediocre guitarist who wants to perfect it ?

Initially, I thought that it wasn't a great choice, because the Beatles version doesn't sound overly romantic. But then I heard the acoustic version you linked, and remembered that diamonds are on the end of rings.

Make sure you do something with the name of the song, her name, and reference the diamond ring (assuming you got her a diamond ring). She'll appreciate the clever wordplay.

Oh, and best of luck. Hope all goes well
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Make her a profile on here and propose to her with a thread in the pit.

Now that would be romantic.
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No seriously, good song

Good luck!
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blast it through a boombox at her bedroom window at 4am and then scream over the music "marry me"?
with the way you play it, AND its her favorite song...

you got the right idea man, stick with it
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Make her a profile on here and propose to her with a thread in the pit.

Now that would be romantic.

He'd get banned for multis

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Good luck, you're gonna need it.

...Bah fu*kin' women...
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Thanks a lot everyone, I don't have the tabs, but I'm not in much of a rush to be honest, I'm gonna try and give myself until Summer to learn it all off, the guy who arranged it like that said he'd PM me them as soon as he is done.

Thanks a lot for all the kind words and advice !
You should put L.S.D in her drink then sing that song, you know, so it will be symbolic.

Or yeah a diamond ring works too.
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(now give us the tabs!!!!)
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(now give us the tabs!!!!)

For the LSD thing ?

Sure, one sec.
this is his page.. go to scores and put the password and you can get the tab. pm for the password.
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