I would like feedback on my thread. I wanna know what everyone thinks. I noticied yesturday that I am mixing alternate picking with economy picking. When I'm playing downwards, I economy pick. But when I'm playing upwards, I am alternate picking. I has become a habit from the beginning. Now should this be a problem? I just don't wanna have to practise to regain speed all over again. Does anyone mix the two of them while playing?
I thought I used both, but it turns out that I just economy pick (I thought I alternated when there were 4 notes per string and 3 notes per string was economy, but i was lying to myself). I can alternate pick when I really think about what i'm doing, but when I just play and improvise I will be doing near 100% economy, which is kind of annoying because I'm trying pretty hard to alternate
I think the best idea is just play freely and mix any style that you wish. But this would be
just plain lazy.
At the end of the day it's just picking - it makes sense to use motions that minimise the effort and energy you need to expend but there's no rule that says you have to.

Economy picking and alt picking are the same thing at the end of the day, just applied slightly differently.
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i used to only econ pick. the past few months i've been pretty strictly alt picking. the exception to that is in some mixed sweeping stuff. if i have a short (4-5 notes or so) bit of picking in the middle of sweeping, it usually makes sense for me to econ pick. the rest of the time i alt pick.

i'm not sure if it's the nature of alt picking or the fact that it's been so hard to train it and all of the attention i've had to put in, but i'm far faster and cleaner with alt picking than i have have been with econ picking.
I wouldn't worry about it too much, like what was before it's still picking (As long as you go down and up you're good). If it starts to get in the way of what you're playing then maybe you'd want to consider switching over to one picking style exclusively, but I wouldn't suggest it.
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If you don't know at any time if you're alt picking or economy picking or can't
choose which one you're doing, almost by definition your picking is out of control.
Maybe you don't think it's a problem for you, but I think I good chunk of playing well
is maintaining control of what you're doing. I wouldn't let it go.