I've been looking at Gibbys, not finding exactly what i want.
If i fine one with a sunburst flame top, it doesnt have a pickguard, and vice versa.

This is my dream LP, but its an Agile, and id kinda rather have a Gibson >_>

Thanks for input.
there are plenty of 'pauls like that one. the sunburst flame maple top is pretty commom te LP standard for example) and a pickguard comes with most of them i believe, but they don't put them on the guitar sometimes on the pics.
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Yes, Gibsons do make Les Pauls that look like that. They're called Gibson Les Pauls.


Standards and most others don't come with a pickguard, believe it or not. Neither do they have the required holes for one to be added later either.

The Gibson Les Paul Classic comes with a pickguard though, and is available in Cherry Sunburst. It's exactly the same as a Standard, just with a pickguard and different stock pickups (which should be changed in both models anyway - neither the 49/50 series that the Classics have nor the BurstBucker Pros that the Standards have are really any good).

EDIT: of course, the Epis all come with pickguards.
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My Les Paul Standard came with pick guard, just not mounted on the guitar.. what if u wanna remove the pickguard, and end up with 3 holes in the body? not nice
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well, just buy one w/o the pickguard, then put a gickguard on, doesn't seem that complicated to me,but hey, i'm not a rocket scientist so what do i know
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Of course they do. But, if u can live without the name, drop some BurstBuckers into that Agile and it would sound just like a Gibson and play pretty well for a whole lot less,considering that Gibson LP Standards are around $2,000.
I think he's also looking for the binding on that guitar.
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I don't think the Gibson Les Paul Classics in the Herritage Cherry Sunburst Finish is still being sold. If they are, where?

And the Classic's herritage cherry sun finish is a little different than the others. The Red doesn't mix into the yellow much, and I just saw one yesterday at Guitarcenter, there wasn't really any yellow, it was just: Red fading into the regular wood color.

But I duno, thats just me. My favorite color is the Herritage Cherry Sunbursts on the Gibson Les Paul Standards from the 80s!!
He wants heritage cherry sunburst, maple top, creme pickguard, and a pearloid bind. I think the best you'll find is a creme binding

edit: On a Gibby. Agiles are good too though.
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if you are talking anbout the coler/finish then yes. if you are talking about the shape then no because agiles use a different single cut shape, which I think looks bad.
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