how would you sustain a note for a long while?
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Higher gain/volume, sustainer/compressor pedal, vibrato, repicking.
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Well yeah... Hold the note... But if it doesn't last enough you could try giving it some quick bending action, it might help the note ring out longer by rubbing on the fret wire making noise.
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Don't take your finger off the note.

yes, do that.
This reminded me of spinal tap.

Nigel-"listen to it sustain"

"... I don't hear it"

Nigel-"Well, you would, though, if it were playing. I mean, you could play, like aaaaaaah, you know, go for a bite, aaaaaaah, jog round the block, still going aaaaaaaah."
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well if u have the right kind of bridge/tailpiece u can string it wrap-around style... i did that on my LP and its sweet, much louder and ore sustain, i can actually play it w/o an amp and practice that way, pretty sweet ;]

EDIT: spinal tap is amazing

"look at this one--ph dont touch!"
"i was just pointing"
"ok ill just look Nigel--"
"no, dont even look at it, turn around!"

.....but this one goes to eleven
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