ok... its not poppy, but i cant seem to change the title ahhhhhh...anyways...

im back with another original solo

this time i used my own chords

its in my profile

its called Original Solo #2

c4c of course

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I wasn't really feeling this one.
It was less of a solo and more of random little licks thrown together.
It wasn't really "popish" either...
It was kinda atmospheric too...
I like solos that flow together nicely...and yours didn't exactly do that.
Your other solo was a lot better.
Everything IMO of course.
hi,i really liked this man thought it was interesting and some good experimenting with sound great little pattern goin on through it too.chord progression nice and simple.you could build on that one,that would make a good intro to a metal piece IMO.i'm goin back for another listen
i have a recorder that has great sounding effects on it, i dont know what the effect is called in actuality, but i do know that the recorder displays it as, "Thirdz"

thanks for the crits by the way (especially you cory) \m/ \m/
even though i dont think it was poppy at all i still thought it was great, also i just listened to dont you know who i think i am and i must say it is absolutely brilliant, one of the best recordings i have heard on here for a while
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