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Therapy version
1 17%
Husker Du version
1 17%
Equally awesome
2 33%
Equally awful
2 33%
Voters: 6.
There's a rare phenomena in music when a band covers an awesome song and makes it awesome in a completely different way.

The song in question is called Diane. I 1st heard it years ago on the Therapy? album Infernal Love. A slow paced symphonic song from the 1st person perspective of a psychotic killer who rapes and kills a girl (Diane). The contrast of Andy Cairns uniquely haunting vocals (Irish brogue ftw) and the classical arrangement of the song with the disturbing nature of the lyrics make for an amazing listening experience.

Only about a year or so ago I discovered the song was written by alternative legends Husker Du. Turns out the original song was completely different, but also completely amazing. The guitar tone itself screams insanity, the repeated bass line sounds like something out of a nightmare and the vocals are delivered in a dead-pan manner that builds up close to hysteria at disturbingly appropriate points in the music.

I thought I'd share these very two different versions of the same song withyou guys, especially since both bands in question are perhaps alittle bit under the radar commercially speaking

Therapy? version (note tribute to husker du in Cairns big gay tash)

Husker Du live version (better than the studio imo)

What does UG think? Is one better than the other, both as amazing as each other, or both suck?

Poll comin up....