In almost 7 years of guitar ownership I have never mnaged to chip any of the 3 guitars I own.

...Until last week My best one too.

I searched and found other threads on chips, but only on covering them up. I don't want to do that. The paint is a see-through black cherry, i.e. I'm never going to come even close to matching it in a million years, especially with less knowledge of paint mixing than a 3 yr old.

What I want to know is if I should treat the exposed bit of wood in any way? The total size is only about a cm square, but it's now bare wood and I'm wondering if I should put something on it, it's in a place where it's likely to get rubbed against (front of the horn on the lower cut-away) and I don't want it growing on me.

Any sage advice gear building dudes?

what you can do is go on stewmac.com and pick up a scratch repair kit or some clear laquer and put in a cap and put a few drops in the chip.
check this site out and about halfway down the page it kind of shows what to do. (although on this one it was a big splotch of laquer that spit out but its the same principles)

otherwise leave it and chalk it up to battle scars