Hey there!

I'm building my first pedalboard, and I was thinking that it would be cool to paint it with chalkboard paint. But I have a couple questions about it. Will the paint chip easily? Also, will it affect my electronics i.e hum?

Thanks in advance.
I painted my closet doors with chalkboard paint and it hasn't peeled. Although I haven't been putting my closet doors on the floor and stepping on it's footswitches lately...
It should probably be fine, though.

I don't see how it would negatively affect the sound. Even if there was, like, metal in it or something, I could only imagine it would act as sheilding to protect against hum.

So basically, I don't really see why it would be unuseable.
What colour are you painting it?

I'm just about done building my pedalboard, but it's not painted....
I used some old school "Varathane" Professional Clear Finish ......3 coats .

BTW, it looks extremely sexy

Sweet idea, but make sure it's good quality chalkboard paint, as some doesn't work.
Thanks, I'm going to use black chalkboard paint, and have the lid lift up so it acts as a sign so I can put the logo of any band I'm gigging with, or my own logo on it. I'll probably use rubber feet from keeping the bottom above the ground.

There's only one brand at my local hardware store, it's about $10 for a can just big enough to do my board. It should be ok.

I think it will be a good bonus if it acts like sheilding, never thought about it that way.