Came up with this quickly, thought it might do the job of an intro to the EP my lovely band might soon be recording. Tell us what you think.

It's orchestral stuff, which isn't at all what we do the rest of the time.
Dark Premonitions.zip
That was pretty much orgasmic.

The only thing I could manage to think of saying something about is the drum part at 13.. It might be more of a build if you didn't start using the crash like that until later in the song, like 21. But it still sounds great like it is. lol

This is an easy 10/10 for me.

Also, I'd be careful about using it if you don't normally do it if it's your first album.... You might make people expect more of that, and they'd be dissapointed when you didn't. lol =P

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This would be absolutley stunning as an album opener. Pretty damn eerie, very atomospheric. The drum intro = win. The violin work is nothing short of outstanding. The outro as well was a definite eye-opener in already eye-opening piece, it gave me a Opeth-y feeling, which in my opinion is a definite 'hell yes.'

The only thing I didn't like was that the bass seemed a bit overpowering during the tremolo section. And the way it ended didn't seem very intro-ish. Maybe drop the volume fade? I could easily see this leading into some br00talz or black metal or what have you the moment it ended; but hey, that's just me.

Overall, very, very good as an opener. An easy 9.5/10.

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That was definitely awesome as an album opener.

The way it ended though doesnt really lead into anything, what with the fade out. I could easily see it going into a song right at the end, like Broadsword said.
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To the guys (past and future) saying it doesn't lead into anything, the idea is that it descends into feedback and then turns into a song about slaughtering kittens or something along those lines.
Very dark sounding(obviously?). Drum intro is kickass. Bass thingy is little boring but it still fits in there Very nice opener for an album. I don't really have anything else to say because haven't much of these kind of "songs". I'd give it 9.5/10
this is some of the best i've heard here. very well done. congrats. 10/10
that was awesome, the one part sounded like the Halloween theme a little bit, but it was still sweet nonetheless. the only con was all of the crashes in the beginning of the song, like someone said before, save those for a later buildup.
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