hey guys,

I just picked up a gibson firebird, being a gibson guy, I traded an 86 fender jag for it, cause i rely on that meaty gibson tone through my old jcm800 2x12.

Point of the post:

When putting my firebird on the bridge pickup, i'm getting a huge amount of feedback/squeal that doesn't let up unless I'm playing. Has anyone else heard anything about this problem? I'll plug my SG in with the same settings and have no problems at all, my les paul is just as good.

Is this due to the mini humbucker? could it just be a bad pickup, or is there something I don't know? Any ideas on what I can do to fix it? putting in lower tone pots? Waxing something? Any help would be huge. Thanks!

May be a grounding issue. That, or the switch, its hard to tell for sure.
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Sounds more like a wiring problem rather than a faulty pickup because the noise stops as soon as you're touching the strings. Check for badly grounded pickups