Does anyone have a schematic to a (preferably) amplitude modulated infrared reciever /transmitter so I can have an infrared connection between my guitar and amp?

Yes, i know I can't move and range isn't perfect, and sound quality will degrade with distance, but I can use it as a piss-retarded killswitch + i have a project in my physics class with infrared waves and I wanted to do this for awhile, at least now I have some incentive, and it'll prolly make me look good in the class =P

All I've been able to find are headphone reciever/transmitters. But since that output would have to power the headphones, that would blow my amp, right?
Just hack a pair of IR headphones. They won't break your amp. If there was enough juice in headphones to blow an amp, they would make your head explode if you listened to them.

edit: If you have passive pups, you'll need some sort of powered input for the headphone transmitter or it won't work. use a little pocket amp or some kind of preamp that you can just clip to your strap. If you have actives, you might not have to do that.
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Well I don't have one of those big "on-stage" amps that has a big box with all its dials (I assume it to be a preamp. I don't talk to my friends who have bands about that much) i have a little 15w amp that has the preamp built in. It's okay to have a little headphone amp > powered transmitter ---IR--- powered receiever > 15w amp?

Here is the schematic I have for the IR headphone connection