Hi all - I will be honest, I am not a guitar player, and have not been for many years, but I need to sell my guitar - I found the site on a google search, I hope this is the right place for this particular guitar. I would appreciate any input on what this thing is worth and how in the world to ship it, and how much that costs. I have an Ovation Folklore 6774-4 bought new in 7/96. I played it a very little before I discovered my distaste for playing music - just not my thing. Since then it has sat in its case. I have actual pictures to email, and here is the stock photo that it looks exactly like.


How does $550 sound, plus whatever shipping costs? Also, I realize you all don't know me from Adam, so feel free to email me, I'll get you my phone number. And I have 100% positive feedback on eBay and archerytalk.com (I am a big bowhunter), under the same user name, you can check me out there.

Anyway, thanks very much,

Pete in VA
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How much did it cost you in 96? If it's still in great condition you should be getting at least half of what you paid for it (although the added shipping can kinda suck). Looking in up on the web the new models cost a fair bit more so you could probably get a better price for it (although if you wanna sell it for $550 I might be interested...might need to make a trip to the local guitar shop to play one first though. According to a few sites the new models go for around $1500 american so I'd say you could get at least a grand if it really is in that great of condition.

If you're still interested in selling it for $550 though send me some pics.